Important Mouthwash Ingredients for Bad Breath

Important Mouthwash Ingredients for Bad Breath

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Mouthwash is one of the go-to solutions for bad breath, and this is due to the important ingredients they offer. We are pleased to provide a list of important mouthwash ingredients that benefit your oral health and reduce bad breath:

Antibacterial Agents
Bacteria is the cause of bad breath, and it can build rapidly in the warm, wet environment that is your oral cavity. Throughout the day, especially if you don’t brush your teeth, bacteria from your food covers your teeth and tongue, filling your breath with unpleasant odors. Alcohol in mouthwash is an antibacterial agent that kills bacteria so that it can’t cause bad breath.

Cetylpyridinium chloride is a germicide found in many types of mouthwash that stops the buildup of germs and plaque. This is important to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, which are both common dental problems that result in chronic bad breath. Germicides are persistent and keep your mouth clean for a long time after you use mouthwash.

Fluoride helps to strengthen the tooth enamel and prevent bad breath by reducing the risk of tooth decay. Fluoride also prevents plaque from affecting your strong teeth.

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