Teach Your Little Ones to Brush Properly

Teach Your Little Ones to Brush Properly

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Are you ready for your little one to brush their teeth? Did you know, if you teach your child at a young age to care for their teeth, you are putting them on the path of oral health success for years to come? Yes, it’s true! Having healthy oral health habits of caring for their teeth is essential to a healthy smile. That is why teaching them at a young age can benefit them their entire life.

Our dentists, Dr. Mayra Modesto-Garrido, understand the importance of oral hygiene. That is why, our team at Excel Dentistry in Glen Rock, New Jersey, is happy to share with you these ideas and tips on teaching your little one how to brush their teeth. Here are some tips on educating your child on brushing properly:

– Teach your child about the importance of always angling their brush and using soft, gentle strokes to clean all sides of each tooth.
– Teach your child the importance of making sure they always care for their toothbrush by storing it safely in areas were contamination will not occur.
– Make sure your child understands that they still need to clean off their tongue as it too can harbor bacteria.
– Make sure your child never uses your toothbrush or anyone else’s toothbrush.
– To ensure your child is brushing their teeth correctly, always make sure they have the appropriate tools. Give them a youth toothbrush to use and one with soft bristles to avoid the risks of abrasion. Replace their toothbrush every few months.

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